...Multi topic Urban & Social Landscapes, Unconventional Fine Art out of UK and US...Traditional and Digital...as seen featured on Business Insider US, Fubiz, Metro, My Modern Met and many other platforms.

I also create classic paintings  inspired portraits, please contact me for shooting details and pricing. Sample page in the menu to view framed and printed images. I shoot, edit, print in large format  and frame my photographs. 

CV: Ancoats, Manchester UK 2016

There is not much to put in it. I graduated from University of Bialystok in year 2003 in North East Poland. My specialisation was Cultural Studies MA. First professional career started as a journalist/photo-reporter in local daily newspaper Gazeta Wspolczesna. After few years working and being completely disillusioned by lack of principals in the trade I decided to immigrate into UK and got offered account management job for IT company which I held for more then eight years. Other jobs I did on the way as follow : chef and kitchen assistant, DVD rental customer advisor, airline service and reservation agent , digital camera salesman, fruit & veg processing plant worker, wedding photographer ( still practising for friends if they willing to pay for it ) forklift driver & warehouse operative, warehouse manager, forest worker and blinds and window fitter at my fathers business. Once I even considered to take a training to become a hairdresser.

Now I am pursuing my long dream of being photographer and creator of my own photographic projects. My influences comes from classic colour American Photography, popular culture, films, Magnum journalism and general changes in societies. Basic's of photography taught me my father Andrew who back in the 80's Poland used to be an event photographer in small town of Siemiatycze where I was born. I used to help him, mainly by carrying his bags with equipment and trying to learn how the darkroom works.

If you would like to promote, commission or purchase my work please contact me via e-mail.

I am also available for hiring in UK ( Manchester ) and US for commissioned projects and commercial work in media, fashion, events, cool weddings, personal portfolios, artist head shots and more. Please visit Commercial & Random catalogue in the archive tab to see all sample images and breakdown of my other work.

Quality archive prints from my personal projects available in different sizes, worldwide shipping.

Selected Clients & Publications

www.artphotoindex.com   www.businessinsider.com   www.6sqft.com  

www.tabi-labo.com   www.theillest.pl    www.metro.co.uk  

www.madeinshoreditch.com   www.thump.vice.com   www.fubiz.fr

www.thephotobrigade.com   www.dodho.com   www.mymodernmet.com 

www.rocknrollbride.com    www.factmag.com  

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